Disruption? Certainly not! Continuity and flexibility are what we’re all about!
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Disruption? Certainly not! Continuity and flexibility are what we’re all about!

Disruption? Certainly not! Continuity and flexibility are what we’re all about!

Videomenthe's CEO, Muriel Le Bellac gives her point of view about "disruption"

We live in a world in constant flux, and that’s a fact. Technological progress in the fields of both IT and telecommunications is changing traditional working practices significantly.

Our world of professional broadcasting must meet the challenge of digitalisation of content and it is up to us to reassess methods of working in order to take advantage of these technological developments.

Should we be alarmed by this? Because it means switching over from tape to file, from video converter to transcoder, from oscilloscope to probe software, from terrestrial broadcasting to internet streaming, from linear consumption of content to catch-up or on-demand, and also from TV screen to laptop, tablet or mobile phone screen, and so on.
The content itself, however, must always go through the same stages of capture, editing and compliance prior to transmission live, by catch-up or on-demand.

* So why talk about disruption?
Is it not just a fantastic process of evolution that gives us the kind of freedom of audiovisual content consumption that was unimaginable just 20 years or so ago? After all, VOD has only been around since the beginning of the new millennium…
Setting out from this starting point, as time has gone by it has been necessary to replace first the dedicated hardware platforms processing analogue sources, then digital baseband sources, with servers employing software solutions that handle live internet streaming and media files.
Then came the tremendous resources provided by the arrival of the Cloud and high-speed internet…
This made our developers very happy, but caused anxiety for our technical teams, fearing that they would be stripped of their own local infrastructure.
One of the approaches is to view the Cloud, in the first instance, as simply an extension of the on-site facilities, making it possible to handle work overflow and peaks in activity, without over-expanding local infrastructures, which would then be operating well below capacity for most of the year.

* And what about continuity?
The idea then came about of using a dedicated portal for our work, employing the same tools as those used internally: the Cloud now starts to display signs of continuity and flexibility.

Similarly, if we extend this reasoning to its logical conclusion and use this same workflow creation portal to run our own calculation farms in-house, from the point of view of users, only the interface and the resources as a whole matter. They are not concerned about the share of the load between their infrastructure and the one made available to them in the Cloud. Continuity and flexibility are our motto and form the foundations of Eolementhe©

We are living in an exciting time which is allowing us to push back the limits in terms of processing and making our content available via multiple devices. We should take advantage of it to exploit every solution, every tried-and-tested revolutionary method, in a progressive and flexible way, to gain the greatest benefit from it.

The On-Premises/Cloud hybrid approach without a doubt forms the basis for the new broadcasting practices of the future.
The world of the media file allows us to employ far greater technical resources than ever before and to catch a glimpse of future links between our “On-Prem” ecosystem and the Cloud which could become quite seamless.

“Adapt or Die”, the motto governing my work at the beginning of my professional career, which focussed on the transition from SD to HD video in the ‘90s, is once again highly applicable today: the telecom and Cloud networks offer us the prospect of mass broadcasting via multiple platforms and represent an incredible toolkit for developing our creativity and designing new packages in our field, which has so much to offer the media.

So, let’s stop talking about disruptiveness and forge our way towards flexible interaction and wealth of content!