Media professionals, how do you validate broadcast-ready content?
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Media professionals, how do you validate broadcast-ready content?

Media professionals, how do you validate broadcast-ready content?

Videomenthe uses its distributor background of broadcast solutions and services, to design its own media workflow solutions dedicated to the audiovisual industry.
The company keeps adding features to Eolementhe, its key platform dedicated to the workflows creation, processing, validation, sharing and delivery of media files. 
The new one includes a ‘Media Library’ function and keeps the advantage of the extremely easy-to-use and friendly interface of Eolementhe, allowing every user to prepare and deliver video files.
The Eolementhe’s ‘Media Library’ offers basic functions to prepare a video: selection of a thumbnail, the possibility to fill the editorial metadata and generate automatically the technical metadata with the option to download a report file; insert a trim with TC in/TC out to generate a video clip. 

“Content is king”… Bill Gates said it in 1996, and this statement still echoes in so many sectors!
Regarding the media industry, the growing number of files and formats to process is redefining our working methods, that’s a fact. Create and deliver high-quality media files is a brain-teaser for both, content providers and broadcasters. On top of that, the proliferation of technical mandatory specifications regarding files delivery, do not facilitate the fluidity of files processing operations. 
Thus, validation processes are time-consuming, pricey and files exchange methods are often unsecured. Not simple to prepare media files… And, the key to success and we all know it, is to deliver a mass of high quality contents. So -in reference to a trendy word- the validation step has to be ‘agile’ with new tools streamlining the collaboration, making faster and smoother this crucial step prior to the video playout.
So, wouldn’t it be great to have a common workflows solution allowing both content makers and distribution platforms to validate compliant media files easily?

For instance, when having journalists in the field, files processing operations are difficult to integrate into a routine, because of time constraints, the equipment they have at their disposal etc. 
So, one of the solution consists in ingesting the video on the ground, filling the elementary editorial metadata in order to resume the file processing later. With Eolementhe, our solution to process media files, and thanks to its pause option, back at the office, the journalists pick up where they left off.
After connecting to Eolementhe, they click on the Media Library tab. This feature permits to stream the video, extract a screenshot, add comments per timecode, complete the editorial metadata, generate both technical and editorial reports and also create video clips. Once the editorial part is finished, the users set off its technical workflow, for example with transcoding, quality control, subtitling insertion and delivery. After only a few clicks, the video is prepared and ready to be distributed on several playout platforms.

Another use case is the validation process between partners (internal and external): let’s take the example of a video delivery from production or post-production houses to TV channels. Before getting the broadcast-ready file, the video has to be editorially and technically approved. Consequently, several back and forth of files are performed before getting the video stamped ‘broadcast-ready’.

Eolementhe makes this communication between internal and/or external partners easier and faster. Indeed, it enables both, the editorial validation with the media library feature ; and the technical validation of files with the workflow editor. Partners exchange their comments and files via Eolementhe to get the ‘broadcast-ready’ files. In addition, several standards are available via pre-filled metadata forms, allowing non-technical users as well, to create technical compliant files.

Thanks to the single web-based interface of Eolementhe, reachable via a browser, the users, create compliant files including technical and editorial metadata, process, share, deliver and receive media files. So, Eolementhe reduces considerably the time to air by providing a platform focused on cost and time saving.
So, media professionals, seek an easy-to-use solution to prepare and validate your media files? We guess you found it with Eolementhe… There is only one thing left to do, watch the demo!

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