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Interra Systems

Automated File-based QC, Media Analyzers, Real-time Content Monitoring

Automated File-based QC, Media Analyzers, Real-time Content Monitoring

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Interra Systems

Baton ™

Automated File-based QC Solutions

  • Most comprehensive quality checks in the industry
  • High performance, enterprise-wide scalability
  • Integration with MAM / DAM/ Transcode / Workflow solutions
  • Enabled for Cloud QC
  • Sophisticated data analytics, review and content correction
Baton™ is available into our portal Eolementhe© to check the quality of your files

Please visit http://www.interrasystems.com/file-based-qc.php for more info.

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Baton+ ™

Consistent Quality, Data Analytics, Managed Workflow Across the Enterprise

  • Aggregates Baton QC analytics data from multiple Baton Enterprise setups
  • Automates QC data analysis for tracking of trends, patterns, and anomalies
  • Generate MIS reports; Reports trends, patterns and content intelligence
  • Outputs intuitive charts graphs and trend charts for a high level view of content quality
  • Search files with specific failures (eg., Motion Jerk, Field Dominance, Silence, etc.)
Please visit http://www.interrasystems.com/file-based-qc.php for more info.

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Orion ™

Real-time Content Monitoring for Superior QoS & QoE

  • The only virtualization-ready platform for real time content monitoring
  • Comprehensive HEVC and 4K video quality monitoring
  • Centralized view and control of all monitoring points
  • Powerful tools for problem detection, resolution and compliance
  • In-depth video / audio quality checks
  • Closed Captions and SCTE-35 verification
Please visit http://www.interrasystems.com/content-monitoring.php for more info.

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ORION-OTT - The Software-based Over-The-Top Monitoring Solution

  • Ensures superior QoS and QoE for Live and VOD OTT services
  • Checks ABR package integrity and audio/video quality
  • Helps debug origin server performance related issues
  • Provides real-time alarms for quick on-the-go decision making
  • Accessible on any web-enabled device

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Vega ™

MPEG Analyzers for Standards Compliance and Debug

  • The most trusted platform for stream analysis and interoperability testing
  • H.264, HEVC, MPEG-2 TS, VP9, Dolby Audio, MPEG-DASH, Apple HLS
  • Frame by frame analysis with error reports
  • Video comparison and quality checks for HEVC/4K/UHD streams
  • Multi-core support for superior performance
Please visit http://www.interrasystems.com/analyzers.php for more info.

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