IBC 2019 - Videomenthe introduces Eolementhe V6: microservices architecture, subtitling optimization and Artificial Intelligence
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IBC 2019 - Videomenthe introduces Eolementhe V6: microservices architecture, subtitling optimization and Artificial Intelligence

IBC 2019 - Videomenthe introduces Eolementhe V6: microservices architecture, subtitling optimization and Artificial Intelligence

Videomenthe, the distributor and publisher of software solutions for processing media files, will be presenting the latest new features offered by Eolementhe©, its collaborative media tool box, at the IBC 2019.

Eolementhe© facilitates the processing and delivery of media files via an extremely intuitive and user-friendly interface, which features several leading file-processing tools (transcoding, quality control, analysis and correction of audio levels, creation of technical and editorial metadata, speech-to-text, subtitle insertion, AI, etc.). The combination of automated tools and manual intervention makes Eolementhe© a simple, rapid, high-performance solution for the delivery of ready-to-broadcast files.

"2019 marks a turning point in the life of Eolementhe©. Major European clients are placing their confidence in us, and working in partnership with our teams to enhance and develop the platform. This version 6 of Eolementhe© reflects a desire to industrialize the solution, incorporating features designed with the constant goal of simplifying work for users and making workflows more seamless", Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac explains.

Videomenthe is enhancing Eolementhe’s©, flexibility, reliability and scalability by deploying it using a microservices architecture. This architecture also forms a starting point for achieving a level of eco-design that makes it possible, notably, to optimize resources in response to platform load and client's needs.

So, what is Eolementhe’s © guiding principle? Ease of handling for every kind of user, whatever their role. Significant improvements have been made to Filelib from this perspective, for more seamless and easier processing of media, particularly in the area of subtitling.
Users can now personalize their working environment to suit their profile, whether it be technical or editorial, by simply selecting the desired settings. One example of this is a 3-pane view, allowing those with an editorial profile to see the subtitles in both the source language and their translated version, and to see a video preview.
Other new features include the option to customize the way in which subtitles are displayed, in line with particular graphic specifications, and the incorporation of a chat tool, improving collaborative working via the platform.

The delivery of multilingual content is progressing and with it the need to produce high-quality subtitled videos in several languages. Yes – but how can this be done when you don't have recourse to resources providing the desired languages?
Videomenthe is now offering a comprehensive service combining the Eolementhe© platform with experienced human resources. This comprehensive package delivers rapid execution, by means of automated tools, and a high-quality result, using transcribers and translators who work to validate and correct the content directly on the platform – all at an attractive rate.

The AI tools offered via Eolementhe© are now combined with a conditional workflow feature, for automated sorting and other actions in accordance with criteria set by the user.
For example, if the AI detects images involving nudity in the content, the workflow is interrupted and follows a specific path (notifying the user, providing the option to re-teach the AI about this content, delivering it in separate folder). If not, the workflow continues.

"Quality and speed of processing are key to effective monetization of content. This is our point of focus in this version 6 of Eolementhe©. Other major new features will be unveiled at the IBC. Come to Stand 2.B39 (French Pavilion) to find out all about them!", Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac concludes.

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