Videomenthe is launching a major version of its media workflows platform: Eolementhe v4
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Videomenthe is launching a major version of its media workflows platform: Eolementhe v4

Videomenthe is launching a major version of its media workflows platform: Eolementhe v4

Videomenthe, the distributor and publisher of software solutions for processing media files, announces the unveiling of Eolementhe© v4.0, the very latest version of its workflow-creation platform.
The multi-vendor platform, which simplifies not just workflows and the creation of compliant files but also media exchanges, has in fact been redesigned. Many features that greatly enhance the seamlessness of the workflows have been added, making Eolementhe© ever more user-friendly and accessible for broadcast professionals, whether they are technical people or not.
This new version of Eolementhe© underlines the aim of continuous improvement, seeking not just to optimize users’ experience but also to achieve greater technical and commercial flexibility.
The IBC will give Videomenthe the opportunity to unveil Eolementhe©’s brand-new interface and latest features, and also its mobile app (for iPhone and Android).

° New interface
Eolementhe©’s front-end makes the complexity of each file-processing stage appear deceptively simple. The operations thus facilitated include: transcoding, quality control (with a pause option for manual intervention), loudness analysis and adjustment, the creation of technical and editorial metadata, speech-to-text, the insertion of subtitles, etc.
Workflow construction and the configuration for each operation can now be handled at the click of a mouse. Eolementhe© furthermore retains all of its freshness with an intuitive, streamlined, modern design, and media companies have the option to personalize the interface with their corporate design.
Tracking and control of operations
The workflow tracking window displays all of the stages currently in progress. The details are available to the user in real time, with the option to download reports at the end of each task to facilitate more rapid action.
Eolementhe©’s management functions have also been improved to give the user and also the administrator better control over operations. Eolementhe© therefore facilitates collaborative working by means of enhanced and intuitive management of internal teams and external collaborators, thanks to the overview provided of all operations.

° Creating standardized files
Eolementhe© has been designed particularly to be able to create and deliver compliant files ready-to-broadcast. Users now have the option to create their own form template, and pre-populated templates already enable AS-10 and MetaPADTV-compatible forms to be created. Processing on entry of IMF source files will also be demonstrated at the IBC.
Videomenthe, with support from RIAM (Broadcast and Multimedia Research and Innovation), is also working on a new key function involving the creation of files in IMF interoperable format. Thanks to the incorporation of a catalogue of content stored in IMF format, it will be possible for any user to create the version required by the broadcaster concerned.

° Cloud, Hybrid and Standalone
Videomenthe focuses on scalability of platforms. It was with this goal in mind that the company designed Eolementhe© to be a platform that would be flexible and adaptable from a technical and commercial point of view. Three modes are thus offered to cover all needs and adapt Eolementhe© to the specific requirements of each media company. Originally designed for use in the cloud, Eolementhe© is also available in Hybrid and Standalone mode.
Eolementhe© Cloud was designed to be used entirely in the cloud. This mode makes it possible to retain all of the advantages of the SaaS services, based on pooling of resources.
Eolementhe© Hybrid is the perfect combination of internal and external resources because it utilizes both the client’s in-house farms and the resources provided by Videomenthe in the cloud.
Finally, Eolementhe© Standalone is locally hosted, so Eolementhe© runs the client’s farms and the front-end provides a user-friendly interface for creating workflows and processing files. More than a mere orchestration tool, the Standalone mode also enables files to be exchanged between both internal and external collaborators of the organisation by means of an internet connection.
So, whatever the option selected, Eolementhe© offers a front-end that is particularly easy to use. The construction of workflows and processing of media files via a user-friendly interface are simplified for all users.

Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac notes: “We have invested a great deal of effort in developing this major version of Eolementhe©. We wanted it to be a scalable, elegant solution, tailored to suit each media company!”
She added: “Eolementhe© is a decisively forward-looking solution as it responds precisely to changing needs linked to the growing number of video files to be processed, but also the economic realities of our industry. We are able to offer a wide range of deployment responses optimizing OPEX and CAPEX-led budgets by means of our Cloud, Hybrid and Standalone modes.”