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Performance. Quality. Intelligence. Scalability.

RadiantGrid is a file-based software solution with built-in intelligence that automates the entire workflow for ingest, preparation, transformation and distribution of content for multi-platform delivery.

The result is a process that is simpler, faster and dramatically more efficient. RadiantGrid takes typically intensive file analysis and correction processes and fully automates them. It intelligently gathers critical information about your media and applies it into the workflow, eliminating the need to predefine the expected format, frame, field, audio and ancillary data parameters of the source content.

Integration with best of breed technologies enables in-line processing such as standards conversion, loudness correction, video legalization, automated QC and more as part of a single workflow.

Base Features: - Intelligent Transcoding with TrueGrid™ and Transwrapping
- Closed Caption and Ancillary Data processing
- Audio Processing and Channel Mapping
- Job Scheduling and Aging Policies
- Service Oriented Platform Architecture (FIMS, BXF, REST)

RadiantGrid Get TrueGrid™| Faster-Than-Real-Time Performance
RadiantGrid is unique because of its ability to optimize workflows and perform TrueGrid™ processing—managing multiple jobs simultaneously including transcoding, standards conversion, conformance and CC

Efficient Workflow| Ingest Once, Output to Many
A single ingest can produce many formats without ping-ponging content between multiple devices. RadiantGrid’s ingest and preparation methodology creates uniform mezzanine files that can be accessed and re-purposed as many times as needed to create multiple content versions.

Intelligent Automation| Be a Hero: Save Time and Money
Fully automated functionality saves both time and money. Ingest, index, prepare, transcode, publish, distribute, notify.
One platform does it all.
RadiantGrid’s non-linear media transformation engine is built upon a robust content management fabric that handles video, audio, captions, metadata, with storage management and aging policies that support smooth integration with trafficking and content delivery systems.

Scalable Architecture| Start Small, Think Big
You can’t hit full speed unless every cylinder fires. RadiantGrid is engineered to perform with intelligence and can expand as your needs grow. Get rid of “Frankenstein” architectures and patchwork solutions. Integration with third party technology partners enables in-line processing such as standards conversion, loudness correction, automated QC and more. Employ an intelligent solution for file-based content management.

RadiantGrid platform: RadiantManager + nodes RadiantMachine


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